Peer review and Copyright Policies

Peer review and Copyright Policies

Refereeing process

Contributions published, except for occasional specially invited pieces, have undergone peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two anonymous referees. As the paper must be suitable for blind refereeing, the author’s name and institutional affiliation should not appear in the manuscript, but rather appear as the file’s name.

If the paper submitted suites the topic of the Call For Papers, it will be transmitted by the Editorial Board to specialists in the way to be refereed. The comments (in English or Spanish) may be passed to the author. Authors are normally informed of the editorial decision concerning their paper within three months after the receipt of their submission has been acknowledged.

Papers may be accepted with no or minor revisions, rejected, or authors may be invited to resubmit a revised version of their paper, taking into account the comments, if any, they received. The author will have one month to correct the issue. Authors resubmitting their papers should send them to (subject e-mail: “resubmission_Title”), in a format suitable for blind refereeing. They should briefly indicate in their e-mail (not a separate file) how they dealt with the comments they received. Publication is guaranteed only once the author has been asked to hand in the final version of his article.

Copyright Options

If your paper is accepted you grant RSM the right to publish your paper on an exclusive basis. You (the author) retain copyright.

If your paper is not accepted, you grant RSM the right to publish your paper on a not exclusive basis on the website of the Robert Schuman Institute ( You (the author) retain copyright.